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Jemma Henry Fertility and IVF Dietitian from

My Story

Hi, I’m Jemma, Registered Dietitian and IVF Mama.

In 2016, I started my own fertility journey which led me down the path of numerous IVF cycles. During this time, I noticed that there was either no information or a lot of misinformation about nutrition for people struggling to conceive. I found this really frustrating, as your diet can really impact your chances of conceiving. Having the correct nutrition intervention early on in your journey may even remove the need for assisted fertility.

Thankfully, my IVF journey brought me my son and now that I have finished my fertility journey, I can focus on helping others realise their dream of becoming parents. This is the reason why I have created Nourish My fertility, an online Fertility Nutrition Practice that will provide information on not just nutrition but also on all things ‘IVF’. The IVF journey can be stressful and emotionally draining. When you combine this with the conflicting nutrition information that you find on the internet, it just adds confusion to the situation. My mission is to provide clear evidence based, helpful, practical advice that you can follow. I will support you compassionately through this journey because I know what it involves and I will provide you with the commitment that I will do my best to help you because I know how much you want this baby.

Qualified to help you

Jemma Henry, CORU registered Dietitian and member of the Irish Dietetic and Nutrition Institute.

Nutrition Management of Infertility, Celine Saloumi Nutrition 2022.

Certified Prenatal Dietitian. Nutrition Therapy for Fertility, Nutrition Plus 2021.

Certified Fertility Dietitian. Nutrition Therapy for Pregnancy, Nutrition Plus 2021.

Food as Medicine: Fertility and Pregnancy, Monash University, 2020.

Certificate in Management and Leadership, Irish Nutrition Dietetic Institute & Abbot, 2017.

The Low Fodmap Course, Kings College London, 2014.

Postgraduate Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics, Leeds Metropolitan University, 2007.

BSc Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dublin Institute of Technology, 2002.

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