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3 Month Fertility Prep™
How to improve your sperm quality.

It takes two to tango and a man’s fertility is just as important as a women’s fertility.  Men are found to be responsible for 20–30 percent of infertility cases and contribute to 50 percent of cases overall. When it comes to nutrition focusing on the man's nutrition is just as important as the women's. 

Good nutrition can help optmise DNA Fragmentation and sperm quality. It takes approximately 3 months to optimise sperm quality so we will spend 3 months doing exactly this so you will be ready for  semen transfer dates. 

Jemma Henry fertility and ivf dietitian from

Have you been told you have Sperm DNA Fragmentation?

Have you been told to eat healthy but not been given any guidance?

Are you confused about the nutritional supplements that are supposed to  help your sperm quality?

Are you confused about all the conflicting nutrition information about improving sperm DNA fragmentation?

One of the most frustrating things that I noticed when I was doing IVF was all the conflicting nutrition advice. As a CORU Registered Dietitian, it’s my job to only give evidence-based nutrition advice so you will have comfort in the fact that all my advice is safe and true

My Approach

My approach is a little bit different! I focus on individualised tailored plans based on your food preferences and lifestyle. Supporting you to make change is a major component of this package which is why I offer in-between appointment support.  I only take on a limited number of clients per month so I can focus properly on YOU. We will work together to create individualised nutritional plans  based on your lifestyle and food preferences to help you optimise your fertility.

Working together we will ...

  • Discover the right way nutrition will effect your fertility.

  • Create an individualised dietary plan based on your preferred foods and lifestyle.

  • Support you to achieve our agreed action plan.

  • Focus on optimising sperm quality.

  • How to positively influence the long term health of your new baby.

  • If you are doing IVF, we will focus on what to expect at each stage.

  • We will focus on food, endocrine disruptors and other lifestyle factors that are appropriate to you.

Image by Anh Nguyen

What should I expect?

  • You will fill out a form telling me all about your fertility journey and medical history.

  • I will review this form with you at our initial 1 x 60 minute  online appointment and we will work together to create an individualised nutritional & lifestyle plan. 

  • I will address any medical conditions that you have that are impacted by nutrition.

  • I will advise on individually tailored fertility supplement plan.

  • I will advise on any extra bloods or investigations that you might need.

  •  We will have  3 x 30 minute follow up appointments where I will monitor and review your nutritional plan.

  • You will receive access to videos or PDF’s that I have created discussing nutrition topics that are relevant to you.

  • You will also receive fertility friendly recipes and fertility friendly snack guide.

  • In between appointment messaging support via online GDPR-compliant platform during the 3 months.

  • In between appointment support via nutrition and lifestyle checks as necessary.

  • As a CORU registered dietitian, I can liaise with your GP and Consultant as necessary.

  • I will  spend many hours behind the scenes analysing your intake form, food diaries and researching your case to make sure I am providing you with the most up to-date guidance.​

  • For couples 

  • The initial consultation for a couple will be 90 mins and the 3 review consultations will be 60 minute each.

3 Month Fertility Prep™

1 x person 600 Euro

1 x couple 770 Euro

As a CORU Registered Dietitian, my services are recognised by health insurance companies, please contact your provider to check your entitlements for your level of coverMy services are also eligible for health expense relief.

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