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Worried about the holiday weight gain ?

Going on holidays but fearful of regaining the weight that you worked so hard to lose? Will you spend meals out getting annoyed with yourself for indulging or end up ordering foods that you don’t like as you are trying save calories?

Holidays are time off from your busy life and for most of us, food and drinks are such an important part of the holiday. The whole point of a holiday is to relax and enjoy yourself. It can really dampen your enjoyment if you worried about counting calories or putting on weight.

I’m going to share some tips that I give my clients when they are going on holidays to help them maintain the weight loss that they achieved working with me.

1. This is the most important one that I tell my clients. Don’t try to continue to lose weight when you’re on holiday as you will feel deprived and miserable, Aim to keep your weight stable. This will be more achievable and less stressful.

2. Staying in an apartment ? Can you make your own breakfast and or lunch and then go out for dinner?

3. Staying in a hotel ? If you are planning on eating out for dinner every night set yourself up with a good breakfast every day. Choose a wholegrain breakfast cereal that will keep you full for longer and add in fruit and nuts and seeds. Mix it up with scrambled eggs, wholegrain toast and avocado and you if like a cooked breakfast on holidays, that’s fine too- just mix it up so you are not having the cooked breakfast every day.

4. Choose a couple of evenings where you have a three course meal but mix it up by sharing a starter and a dessert on other meals out.

5. Bread on the table … Ask yourself if you really need this as well as a starter ?

6. If chips are on the menu I will order them. Most restaurants give really big portions of chips and if they are on your plate it’s really hard not to eat them all. A good tip is to ask for a side salad or vegetables instead of chips and order chips for the table, that way you are not depriving yourself but not filling up on them either.

7. When ordering pizza, order pizza and a main salad and share both with someone else.

8. Have your own snacks, oat bars, oatcakes, oranges, bananas etc .. If you are planning on going out for three course meals, enjoy your food then and stick to more sensible choices during the day.

9. If you are planning on having drinks with your meals out, be mindful of extra calories, Those fancy cocktails can be laden with calories and if a few drinks makes you peckish a few hours later, then have a think ? Is this something that I’ll have to work around every evening on holiday ? Can you top your wine with soda water ? Can you drink a glass of water between drinks, Can you slow down your pace ? Can you spread out the fancy cocktails over the course of your holiday ? Can you carry some snacks with you so you won’t order chips on the way back to the hotel ?

10. Enjoy the food part of your holiday. Eat slowly and taste your food. – enjoy the experience of your meals out. This will help our bodies let us know when we are full.

These are general tips aimed for adults and they should not be considered personally tailored diet advice. If you would like an individualised consultation, please check out my website for details on how to contact me.


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